Ceannis was founded in 1988 by Ann-Louise Andrén, who at that point was a resident in Hong Kong. The idea was to create a company that produces beautiful and functional bags and accessories of high quality. Based on the passion for beautiful materials, production and design, all combined in a lifestyle concept. During the first years, Ceannis worked under its own brand and exclusively in Asia. As the company developed and expanded, so did the demand. Since 2002 Ceannis is based in Stockholm, and today we offer a wide range of products under the name "Ceannis Living Accessories" in a number of countries.




Founder Ann-Louise Andrén leads the development of new products in collaboration with a design team. New collections for spring, summer, autumn and winter are continuously developed. The focus on fashion and function combined with quality at affordable prices has resulted in a rapid growth, and Ceannis has quickly established itself as one of the most important players on an international level. All our products are carefully tested before production starts.


We work with the best suppliers in the world, all the way from the most advanced leather suppliers down to the smallest buckle. 
We have a long and close relationship with an excellent production facility in China, and we are very committed to its development.